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Ministry of Culture of France: Khorshid Film Festival is the Reconciliation of Iran and France Cinema

About Khorshid Film Festival

Khorshid Film Festival, directed by Mehdi Yarmohamadi, is the first and only festival of independent and experimental short films in Iran that is held by Short Film Support company and Mehdi Yarmohamadi( founder). This festival has an impressive role in introducing Iranian creative short filmmakers and their works to international community

The Sixth edition of Khorshid Independent Film Festival directed by Mehdi Yarmohamadi, will be held in Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran on 11 to 14 September, 2017 with the message of “Respect to Human and Nature” in different sections including the competitive section of “Independent and Experimental Films”, the competitive section of “The most Beautiful Dreams“, the competitive section of “Articles about Experimental Cinema”, in international section involving: “Review of the Best Experimental Short Films in Cannes Festival 2016”, and “Review of the World’s Best Experimental Short Films in World Cinema History”

During the five previous edition, the festival has been able to play an effective role and position in identifying and introducing the talented filmmakers in this field and their films in international community

Goals of the festival

To expand and value independent short films and videos with creative, experimental, modernist, pioneer and artisticapproac

To emphasize on the necessity of developing the production of the valuable experimental and creative works in Iranian cinema and introduce this cinema as the innovative and influential cinema of Iran to the international community

To encourage and develop the partnership of the private departments in independent and experimental cinema

To recognize and support the best shorts and independent experimental

To make the culture of honoring the human being, world and profound humanistic values via short films, independent experimental short films, and support the production and presentation of these kinds of works

To increase the technical and qualitative level of Iranian short film makers’ works in order to conform them to the international standards

To support the winners of the festival in their production processes

The festival attempts to interact with Independent and Experimental Cinema of internationally recognized countries to provide an opportunity to interact with Iranian and world Cinema and it has been working hard in this field over the past years

It should be noted that in the last edition with the cooperation and help of Hamghadam Institute, Sorbonne University 3&10, Research and Anthropological Institute of Lumiere Cinema, the festival has had a particular interaction and focus with French Independent and Experimental Cinema that leads to receive congratulation message from France Ministry of Culture entitled “Khorshid Festival, Reconciliation of Iran and France Cinema’

Khorshid Festival with the aim of supporting Independent and Experimental filmmakers of Short and Documentary Cinema and entrepreneurship in this field, declares its readiness to cooperate with independent filmmakers, International Festivals, Film Markets, Film buyers and Distributors and the supporters that are in line with this attitude

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