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NETPAC; Network for the Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema; will grant special award at Khorshid

Due to collaboration agreement between Khorshid International Independent Film Festival and NETPAC, NETPAC award will grant to recognize the quality of the best film chosen from the works of new Asia/Pacific directors featured annually at the Khorshid Independent Film Festival

Only one award is given by the NETPAC Jury chairman; composed of three members; two members will be selected by NETPAC Secretariat and the third member is Mehdi Yarmohammadi, Founder and manager of Khorshid Film Festival

NETPAC award consists of a certificate will given to the winner at the awards ceremony and will be presented by the Jury Chairman.Beside information on the film and director(including sales and distribution sources) will be disseminated widely through NETPAC’s website, platforms and members worldwide

According to collaboration agreement between NETPAC and Khorshid, Mehdi Yarmohammadi; Founder and manager of Khorshid Film Festival; and Khorshid International Independent Film Festival have become members of NETPAC

NETPAC is the leading platform for the discovery and promotion of Asia Pacific cinema. It was founded in 1990 in New Delhi. Its secretariat is now located in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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