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Khorshid independent film festival is a move to progress of the independent cinema

the judge of the empirical film competition parts, assessed the quality of the artworks and declared that by holding Khorshid film festival there will be a good future for the independent cinema.

According to the public relation of the festival, Jutta Wille the director of german short films forum and jury of empirical films competitions, spoke about the position of Iranian cinema in international level.

She said: it’s very hard to talk about this topic cause there’s no significant knowledge about the Iranian cinema in my country and only few of Iranian director are well known in my country. This is while the films which are produced by Iranian producers who live in Germany, are totally different from these movies.  This festival gives opportunity to the producers to get together and to introduce their works to each other.

Iranian movies have international audience but because of some issues they are deprived from international level, that is why we take these movies to the Europe. Iranian filmmakers should take their movies to other countries because the situation like release of the movies in European countries are much better than here.

She added that most of the Iranian movies have high quality but because of not having good titles and subtitles are ignored by international audience.

She also said that copying Hollywood styles in Iranian movies will not work and Iranian movies should be made according to the culture of this country.

The instructor of Iranian film pitching workshops said that Khorshid Film Festival, has been very useful in introducing the Iranian cinema to the world film industry.

The Khorshid film festival includes different styles and topics and the number of the works we so high. Some of the works were quite similar and some others impressed me deeply.

I believe this festival will bring satisfying situation and a good future for the Iranian cinema.

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