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Introducing the selected from seventh Khorshid independent film festival

The closing ceremony of seventh Khorshid independent film festival is held with introducing the selected from this cinema event.

According to the public relation of  Khorshid independent film festival, the closing ceremony of Khorshid independent film festival held by the presence of Mr. Ismael Kahrom, Environmentalist; Mr. Mojtaba Alavi  Moghaddam, Iran Urban Renewal Company management board member and Urban Development and Revitalization Deputy; Mr. Reza Negahban Road Administration and Urban Development Office General Manger; Mr. Mehdi Yarmohammadi, festival director; Mrs. Jutta Wille competitions referee and jury of empirical films, and also with the presence of the jury and some other artists and celebrities and performance of Mr. Peyman Sheikhi at Shahnaz Hall of Iranian Artists Forum.

Regarding to the introducing of the cinema of Iran Mr. Mehdi Yarmohammadi, the director of the seventh Khorshid film festival, welcomed all the guests and the audience and he also expressed his sincere thanks to all of the artists, the filmmakers, the directors and those who attended the festival.

Mr. Yarmohammadi emphasized on the importance of Khorshid film festival and declared that Khorshid film festival has been supporting the empirical cinema for 7 years and it also tries to introduce this cinema as mainstream to the world film industries.

He said: Empiricism in thinking is possible with the help of independent cinema.

The director of seventh Khorshid Film Festival requested from the respected organizations to advert and assist to the cultural and artistic events.

”I’m so glad that Khorshid Film Festival is trying its best and has been strongly effective in this way and I hope we will have more cultural and artistic events with the assistance of our dear guests, the respected managers and authorities and I hope that one day we will have opportunities to compete with other events”; he said.

 He added: I would say that unfortunately short-filmmakers and producers haven’t done well enough. I request them to act more independent and more serious and to help to define the importance of short films and films of this type.

At the middle of the program, he thanked Mr. Ismael Kahrom, environmentalist and gave him opportunity to give his speech.

Mr. Kahrom said: I’m from down town (the southern area of Tehran) and I appreciate all those who have tried to hold this event. I’ve studied the animal behavior for more than 47 years and I believe that there’s no art more effective than cinema to show and introduce animal behavior.

A 30 million IRR cash prize was awarded to the best film about human, nature, and the world to the (az sayeh daramadegan) directed by Reza Sourati.

In the introduction of the selected from workshop part, MR. Mojtaba Alavi Moghaddam and Mr. Reza Negahban came to the stage to grant the prizes to the winners of from Idea to the performance workshop with the urban revitalization topic.

The selected were introduced as below:

۳rd rank: honors diploma, a 10 million IRR cash bonus was granted to the Haras (Pruning) by Mohammad Hasani.

۲nd rank: honors diploma of supporting the performance and a 15 milion IRR was awarded to Khianat dar amanat sakhte khane, shahr, keshvar va jahane man, directed by Amir Kenarinezhad.

According to the jury none of the works deserved to be awarded in 1st rank.

The announcement of video arts:

A video clip broadcasted to introduce the jury. Mrs. Shiva Moghaddam and Mr. Behzad Khodavoisi went to the stage in order to grant the prizes.

The festival statue, Honors diploma, and cash bonus was awarded to the best video art about urban renewal (Barfi) produced by Saeed Rezaei.

The festival statue. Honors diploma, and 30 milion IRR cash bonus was awarded to the Color IS Black by Anahid Ghorbani, in video arts part.

The announcement of the selected from urban renewal part:

Mr. Reza Azadi granted the prizes to the selected works.

۳rd rank: honors diploma, 10 milion IRR cash bonus presented to Ghayeghe Halabi by Mohammad Azadi.

۲nd rank:honors diploma, 20 milion IRR cash bonus presented to the Halab e Yek Jangjou directed by Amir Aslanlou.

۱st rank: the statue of the festival, honors diploma, and 40 milion IRR cash prize was awarded to the 330 cc Memory by Elham Maroufi.

Mrs. Elham Maroufi said: it’s the second time which I win the prize in this festival. I got the first prize for the scenario and script of this movie when I had no hope while sending the scenario to this festival. I would say that Khorshid film festival as an independent festival evaluates and assesses the quality of works regardless of the producers or the directors.

She also said that I hope this event will be supported by authorities and will be able to continue independently in this way as always.

Announcing the winners of the independent empirical films:

The prize of this part was awarded to the winners with the presence of Mrs. Jutta Wille and Mr. Reza Negahban, the jury of the competition part.

۳rd rank: honors diploma was granted to the Happy directed by Seyyed Ahmadreza Mousavi.

۲nd rank:honors diploma and cash bonus (30 milion IRR) was granted to the Zuzeh by Parsa Barzegani.

۱st rank: the statue of the festival, honors diploma, and 50 milion IRR cash prize was awarded to the Nabudan by Pouya Raazi.

The special prize was granted to the (S) directed by Hamed Aslani.

In this festival Mr. Yarmohammadi the director of the festival spoke about the commitment between Germany Fiktiva, Cellu l’art, and Filz group festivals and them and thanked all the managers and Mr. Anoushiravan Masoudi, international consultant. He also talked about the coordination between Germany and them in details.

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