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About Khorshid Film Festival

About Khorshid Independent Film Festival

“Khorshid” independent film festival is held annually in Iran. This festival which is directed by Mehdi Yarmohamadi, as a special event for independent experimental cinema in Iran, purposes to support the independent cinema with experimental and innovative structure and asserts the necessity of developing and production of these valuable works, and tries to introduce this kind of cinema as the one based on thought and creativity. The subject of the festival is free, with the focus on the “respect for human being and the world”. Mehdi Yarmohamadi, the founder of “Short Film Support” company has directed the whole six editions of the festival until now. Khorshid festival has succeeded to earn an influential role and position in recognition and introduction of gifted and creative filmmakers and their works to the international society.

Background of Khorshid Festival

Khorshid independent film festival has done his best through these years to find an opportunity for Iranian cinema to talk and communicate with the international movies, by means of interaction with the countries known for their prominent independent and experimental cinema.

In two previous editions, with the help of Hamghadam association, Sorbonne university 3 and 10, Anthropology and Research Institute and French Lumiere’s Cinema, Khorshid festival has collaborated and interacted well with French independent and experimental cinema; so that was honored to receive the congratulation message from French culture ministry with the title of “Khorshid festival, reconciliation of Iranian and French!”

The 6th edition of the festival with the focus on the common aspects of the cultures of the countries on the bank of Indian ocean (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and those bordering Persian Gulf and Africa…) tried to introduce the festival as a strategic cultural event aiming to export culture and introduce it to the international society. Through the interaction and cooperation with NETPAC and specifically Zanzibar as the most important festival of eastern Africa and India, Khorshid festival took giant steps.

We are standing here to shine the Independent cinema

Mehdi Yarmohammadi (Director and Founder of Khorshid independent films festival):

“We are standing here in order to realize a promising future for the valuable engagements of authentic, intellectual, wise and creative artists, and help them to burgeon and succeed in international arenas through concentration on education and access to personal cinema and international language.”

Khorshid Festival, reconciliation of Iranian and French cinema

In final ceremony of 5th Khorshid festival, the director of French Hamghadam association announced that France’s ministry of culture will support this festival and stated that Khorshid is a reconciliation of Iranian and French cinema. He wished this event would be the initiation of the cultural and artistic interactions between two countries.

Khorshid Festival membership in NETPAC

According to collaboration agreement between Khorshid independent film festival and NETPAC (Network for the promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema) Khorshif festival and its director and founder, Mehdi Yarmohamadi has been accepted as a member of expantion of Asia and Oceania’s cinema.

Dedication of “NETPAC special award” in Khorshid Festival

Based on the collaboration agreement between Khorshid independent film festival and NETPAC (Network for the promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema) the special award of NETPAC for the best film will be dedicated to new directors of Asia and Oceania, annually in Khorshid festival.

This award which consists of an appreciation certificate of NETPAC to the best film of Khorshid festival is granted with the approach of developing Asia and Oceania cinema. The information about the film and its director (along with distributor and seller) will be introduced to the whole world through websites, platforms and NETPAC’s members.

ZIFF Festival director presence in Khorshid Festival

“Daniel Nialosi”, director of “Zanzibar” international film festival in Tanzania attended in 6th Khorshid film festival in order to collaborate and interact with the festival and Iranian independent and experimental filmmakers.

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