Call for the Seventh Khorshid Independent Film Festival

Khorshid independent film festival is specialized for independent and experimental films and modern visual arts (video arts & performance arts). Its main concern is to introduce and support the best creative and avant-garde works to interact with each other in order to contemplate and consider ways through the development and expansion of these fields.

Competition sections: 

A) independent experimental films contest:

All independent films: documentaries, experimental short films, animations with an experimental, artistic, modernist, pioneer and innovative structure will be able to participate in this section.

-The subject is voluntary, and all productions made by independent filmmakers, film institutes, personal or governmental departments after who produced their films after January 2017 are allowed to take part in this section.

-Every individual filmmaker can introduce at most three films and the payment will be paid for each film separately.

-The independence of the works will be considered by their contents.

B) Modern visual and video art:

۷th Khorshid Independent Film Festival, considered a separate competition due to importance of developing modern visual and video arts.

–All modern visual and video productions, should be produced after January 2017 and have not participated in previous festivals.

– The subject is voluntary and submissions should have the ability to display in the video format.

C) Performance art:

Due to emphasize on the necessity of developing the production of the valuable performance art, 7th Khorshid film festival considered the specific section to creative performance art.

-The subject is voluntary, and all participants should send the videos of their performance.

 KHARGHANI’S AWARD:(honoring human being)

Regarding the necessity of considering the issues such as: honoring human being, world and profound humanistic values, the Seventh edition of Khorshid Independent Short Film Festival invites all short filmmakers and performers to consider these subjects in their works, and will grant its Kharghani’s special award to the best short film with the subject of honoring human being.


The Khorshid Independent Film Festival and NETPAC (Asia-Pacific Film Development Organization) considered a special award for the quality recognition of the best film from the new directors of Asia, Oceania.

The award includes the NETPAC Credentials Award for the best film of the Khorshid Independent Film Festival and film distribution and sale through NETPAC websites, which will be introduced worldwide.


Best experimental short film: Festival Statuette, Honorary Diploma, Cash Award

Second-ranked experimental short film: Honorary Diploma, Cash Award

Third-ranked experimental short film: Honorary Diploma, Cash Award

Best Video art: Festival Statuette, Honorary diploma, Cash Award

Best Performance Art: Festival Statuette, Honorary diploma, Cash Award

NETPAC AWARD: Festival Statuette, NETPAC Honorary diploma,

KHARGHANI’S AWARD: Festival Statuette, Honorary diploma, Cash Award

Special Prize (with Urban Recovery Approach): Festival Statuette, Honorary diploma, Cash award

Esfarjani Award (Best Poster): Honorary diploma, Cash Award

Peripheral sections of the festival:

A) Running professional workshops:

All of the selected filmmakers in main contest will be able to take part in all of the professional workshops free of charge.

– Since the capacity of the classes is limited, others who are interested in these workshops must pay the tuition and they will be accepted according to the capacity.

B) The poster competition and exhibition:

Regarding the importance of poster in commercial process of a film, all of the selected filmmakers in main contest can deliver their films’ posters to the secretariat of the festival in order to participate in poster exhibition. In closing ceremony of the festival the best poster will be appreciated.

C) The exhibition of the artists’ dedicated gifts treasure:

This treasure aims to support both holding the festival and production and presentation of independent short films and documentaries. In this exhibition the gifts dedicated by famous Iranian artists to the fund of support for independent short film-makers, will be shown.

Appreciation: A successful, experimental and independent Iranian short filmmaker will be acknowledged in this section.

D) Commemoration Ceremony: honoring efficient people in independent and experimental cinema, video art and performance art.

The main contest rules and regulations:

– Every individual filmmaker would be able to introduce at most three films to the festival and the entry fee should be paid for each film separately.

– The maximum running time for short films is thirty minutes and for video arts will be twenty minutes.

– All works must be made less than two years ago and this should be their First participation in this festival.

– Films should not be displayed on television or networks and not accessible on the Internet.

– participants should register on the festival website by filling the participation form:

– entry fee for each film is Ten Euros.

– Works that do not have the technical and theatrical standards would eliminate from the competition.

-The secretariat of the festival does not accept any responsibility for the damage caused by the undesirable sending of the works by the participant.

– There is no chance to quite the festival after submission.

-Completion of the application form means the acceptance of all announced regulations.

– The presence of the selected person or his representative at the closing ceremony is a sign of respect for the festival, in order to receive the prize.

Festival Timeline:

Deadline for registration works: The end of June

Announcement of the Works: July

Festival Time: October


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