Members of the Video Art Selection Committee

Members of the Video Art Selection Committee in Seventh Khorshid Film Festival are:

Ayda Feyz Jafari, was born in 1981, she was graduated in dramatic literature at Tehran University and earned master degree in media and communication studies at Stockholm University by her thesis: “Representing Power and Technology in Hollywood Cinema,”

She along with Photography and conducting film workshops, learning Swedish language and doing translation.

Jafari is preparing a photography project and a documentary about her personal perception of city and travel concept, lately.

Ali Etehad, was born on 1982 and is graduated in Cinema. He works as a visual and performance artist. Most of his artworks are video arts, performance art and installation. He published several essays and books in this context.

Mohammad Sadegh Mohammadian Roshan was postgraduate in Art Research, and he is study master in Dramatic Literature at Soore University.

He was at executive committee of Tehran International Book Fair and Tehran Publishers union.

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